Explore the Potential of your Company to Raise Equity Capital

Equity Capital is contributed for a share of ownership.
It’s not repayable, demands no provision of security (other than the issued shares) and bears no interest.

Prepare a Share Capital Structure for your Company

  1. Will the business be moving forward under the existing Company, or a new entity?
  2. How much total capital (approximately) do you think you need to raise?
  3. Percentage of the business ownership you are prepared to give away to new investors in exchange for providing the required funding? 
  4. Provide the names of current (assumed) owners and the approximate percentage of the business assumed to be currently held by each of them?
  5. Will the the Company be selling its goods or services locally, nationally or internationally?
  6. Provide an approximate conservative indication (assuming you have raised and utilised the required funds) of the average annual earnings or EBIT (after deducting costs of earnings) over the next three years.

To Raise Equity Capital the first step is to prepare a Strategic Growth Plan (SGP)

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