Issuing Bonds

Bonds can be issued to raise debt funding for small-scale property development projects or to fund business development or expansion from startups and early-stage to the more established businesses.

For Real Estate

Vendor Bonds can be issued to finance the sale/purchase of a tenant-in-common (TIC) share in real estate without having to take out a bank mortgage providing a pathway for millennials & others to get on the property ladder.

For Business

Issuing a Vendor Bond may be appropriate when, for example, the purchaser is having problems getting a bank to finance the purchase of the business. A ‘series’ of Bonds can also be issued to fund business development.

Types of Small Business Bonds

Vendor Bonds

Selling a business or other high-value asset? With the Banks tightening up on lending, you may need to issue a Vendor Bond to close the deal.

SME Bonds

For Business Development, issue a ‘series’ of bonds to fund business development or expansion.

Realty Bonds

Issue a series of Bonds for small-scale property development projects. For shared ownership or equity release, issue a Vendor Bond to finance the sale/purchase of a tenant in common ownership share in real estate.

Convertible Bonds

Got a great idea that needs equity funding to develop? Convertible Bonds can be issued as a precursor to an equity-based crowdfunding exercise. Equity funding is contributed in return for a share of ownership. It’s not repayable, demands no provision of security (other than the issued shares) and bears no interest.

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Steven from Doncaster

I could not have sold my share in this property without the help of Vendor Bonds. Their Vendor financing process was quick & easy to follow. I would  recommend Vendor Bonds to anyone looking to buy or sell a share in real estate.

Lawn mowing Franchise

“ is truly the people’s bank. I have just sold my third lawn mowing franchise thanks to the help of Vendor Bonds. Now more people can afford to by my franchises.” Said James from Brisbane.

Jane from Cabramatta

Vendor Bonds helped me buy my Asian food business in Cabramatta. I tried to borrow the extra funds I needed from the bank, but they said no. I now own a profitable business that helps me support my family. Thank you VB.