For start-ups, early stage and established businesses.


Alternative Business Finance

We offer a range of innovative funding solutions that are simple and cost-effective for start-ups, early stage and established businesses.

Selling a Business, Goods or Services? Be your own Bank by issuing a Vendor Bond!

Issue a ‘series’ of SME Bonds to fund business innovation, development or expansion.

Got a great business idea that needs equity funding to develop? Issue Convertible Bonds!

Vendor Bonds

Want to finance the sale of an existing business? Or you’ve grown an idea into a business that can be franchised or sold under licence. Be your own bank by issuing a Vendor Bond to finance the purchaser.

Small Enterprise Bonds

For established businesses with cash-flow, a ‘series’ of Bonds can be issued to raise debt funding for business development, expansion or acquisition.

Real Estate Bonds

Realty Bonds can be issued to to raise debt funding for small-scale property developments, renovations & flick projects, or for the sale/purchase of a tenant in common (TIC) share in real estate.

We handle the Administration for Bond issuers

We process bond applications including the drafting of bond certificates
and all associated paperwork on behalf of our subscribers and/or their clients.


Build a successful business & you too can ‘Live the Dream’.

Banks not lending to SME’s!

Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are an essential part of the economy, it’s where innovation, growth and job creation come from. However, SMEs are facing huge challenges in terms of funding. Lending has tightened, and businesses have seen their traditional source of funding dry up.

Innovation needs funding.

We all know how difficult it is to fund innovation. SME Bonds provide a pathway that overcomes some of that difficulty and it gives us great pleasure to see companies like yours roll out their unique business ideas.

Opportunities are everywhere!

If you think there are only limited opportunities out there, you only need remind yourself of this indisputable fact; there are people who have not yet been born who will one day make huge fortunes from their ideas. These people will start new businesses that no one else ever thought of.


What our Clients have to say


“Vendor Bonds is truly the people’s bank. I’ve just sold my third lawn mowing franchise! Thanks to the help of my SME Bond Broker more people can afford to buy my gardening franchises.”

Laurie G

Vendor Bonds helped me buy my Asian food business. I tried to borrow the extra funds I needed from the bank, but they said no. I now own a profitable business that helps me support my family.

Bian N

SME Bonds an Alternative source of Business Finance

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